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Can a ‘user’ be associated with multiple AWS accounts?

A.    No
B.    Yes

Answer: A

True or False: Manually created DB Snapshots are deleted after the DB Instance is deleted.

A.    TRUE

Answer: B
If you choose not to create a final DB snapshot, you will not be able to later restore the DB instance to its final state. When you delete a DB instance, all automated backups are deleted and cannot be recovered. Manual DB snapshots of the instance are not deleted.

What happens to the data on an instance if the instance reboots (intentionally or unintentionally)?

A.    Data will be lost
B.    Data persists
C.    Data may persist however cannot be sure

Answer: B
Instance Store Lifetime
You can specify instance store volumes for an instance only when you launch it. The data in an instance store persists only during the lifetime of its associated instance. If an instance reboots (intentionally or unintentionally), data in the instance store persists. However, data in the instance store is lost under the following circumstances:
The underlying disk drive fails
The instance stops
The instance terminates

How many types of block devices does Amazon EC2 support?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    1

Answer: A
Amazon EC2 supports two types of block devices:
Instance store volumes (virtual devices whose underlying hardware is physically attached to the host computer for the instance)
EBS volumes (remote storage devices)
A block device mapping defines the block devices (instance store volumes and EBS volumes) to attach to an instance.

Provisioned IOPS Costs: you are charged for the IOPS and storage whether or not you use them in a given month.

B.    TRUE

Answer: B
EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) Volumes
Volume storage for EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) volumes is charged by the amount you provision in GB per month, until you release the storage. With Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) volumes, you are also charged by the amount you provision in IOPS (input/output operations per second) multiplied by the percentage of days you provision for the month. For example, if you provision a volume with 1000 IOPS, and keep this volume for 15 days in a 30 day month, then in a Region that charges $0.10 per provisioned IOPS-month, you would be charged $50 for the IOPS that you provision ($0.10 per provisioned IOPS-month * 1000 IOPS provisioned * 15 days/30). You will be charged for the IOPS provisioned on a volume even when the volume is detached from an instance.

IAM provides several policy templates you can use to automatically assign permissions to the groups you create. The _____ policy template gives the Admins group permission to access all account resources, except your AWS account information

A.    Read Only Access
B.    Power User Access
C.    AWS Cloud Formation Read Only Access
D.    Administrator Access

Answer: B
AWS managed policies are designed to provide permissions for many common use cases. For example, there are AWS managed policies that define typical permissions for administrators (all access), for power users (all access except IAM), and for other various levels of access to AWS services. AWS managed policies make it easier for you to assign appropriate permissions to users, groups, and roles than if you had to write the policies yourself.

While performing the volume status checks, if the status is insufficient-data, what does it mean?

A.    the checks may still be in progress on the volume
B.    the check has passed
C.    the check has failed

Answer: A
If the status is insufficient-data, the checks may still be in progress on the volume. You can view the results of volume status checks to identify any impaired volumes and take any necessary actions.

IAM’s Policy Evaluation Logic always starts with a default ____________ for every request, except for those that use the AWS account’s root security credentials b

A.    Permit
B.    Deny
C.    Cancel

Answer: B

By default, when an EBS volume is attached to a Windows instance, it may show up as any drive letter on the instance. You can change the settings of the _____ Service to set the drive letters of the EBS volumes per your specifications.

A.    EBSConfig Service
B.    AMIConfig Service
C.    Ec2Config Service
D.    Ec2-AMIConfig Service

Answer: C
Ec2Config Service is like sysprep and used specifically for windows instances.. You can change parameters in OS before launching.

For each DB Instance class, what is the maximum size of associated storage capacity?

A.    5GB
B.    1TB
C.    6TB
D.    500GB

Answer: C
“You can now create MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle RDS database instances with up to 6TB of storage and SQL Server RDS database instances with up to 4TB of storage when using the Provisioned IOPS and General Purpose (SSD) storage types. Existing MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle RDS database instances can be scaled to these new database storage limits without any downtime.”

SQL Server __________ store logins and passwords in the master database.

A.    can be configured to but by default does not
B.    doesn’t
C.    does

Answer: C
There are two authentications
Windows authetication
The credentials for which are not stored in SQl Server database and managed by windows/AD. There would be entry for windows autheticated logins in master database with respective SID but password would be with Active directory.
SQL Server authetication.
For 2nd we have password stored in hash format you can see it from sys.sql_logins. The information about SQl server logins are stored in master database and each login has SID repective to it. Only SA login has same SID no matter what server it is. That is why when you move database by backup restore mechanism users are moved not logins and you finally have to create logins(if already not there) and map it to users. This is generally called as troubleshooting orpahned users

What is Oracle SQL Developer?

A.    An AWS developer who is an expert in Amazon RDS using both the Oracle and SQL Server DB engines
B.    A graphical Java tool distributed without cost by Oracle.
C.    It is a variant of the SQL Server Management Studio designed by Microsoft to support Oracle DBMS functionalities
D.    A different DBMS released by Microsoft free of cost

Answer: B

Does Amazon RDS allow direct host access via Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), or Windows Remote Desktop Connection?

A.    Yes
B.    No
C.    Depends on if it is in VPC or not

Answer: B

To view information about an Amazon EBS volume, open the Amazon EC2 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/, click __________ in the Navigation pane.

A.    EBS
B.    Describe
C.    Details
D.    Volumes

Answer: D

Using Amazon IAM, can I give permission based on organizational groups?

A.    Yes but only in certain cases
B.    No
C.    Yes always

Answer: C
An IAM group is a collection of IAM users. You can use groups to specify permissions for a collection of users, which can make those permissions easier to manage for those users.

While creating the snapshots using the API, which Action should I be using?

A.    MakeSnapShot
B.    FreshSnapshot
C.    DeploySnapshot
D.    CreateSnapshot

Answer: D

What is an isolated database environment running in the cloud (Amazon RDS) called?

A.    DB Instance
B.    DB Server
C.    DB Unit
D.    DB Volume

Answer: A

While signing in REST/ Query requests, for additional security, you should transmit your requests using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by using _________

A.    HTTP
B.    Internet Protocol Security(IPsec)
C.    TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Answer: D

What happens to the I/O operations while you take a database snapshot?

A.    I/O operations to the database are suspended for a few minutes while the backup is in progress.
B.    I/O operations to the database are sent to a Replica (if available) for a few minutes while the backup is in progress.
C.    I/O operations will be functioning normally
D.    I/O operations to the database are suspended for an hour while the backup is in progress

Answer: A
Creating this DB snapshot on a Single-AZ DB instance results in a brief I/O suspension that typically lasting no more than a few minutes. Multi-AZ DB instances are not affected by this I/O suspension since the backup is taken on the standby.

Read Replicas require a transactional storage engine and are only supported for the _________ storage engine

A.    OracleISAM
C.    InnoDB
D.    MyISAM

Answer: C

When running my DB Instance as a Multi-AZ deployment, can I use the standby for read or write operations?

A.    Yes
B.    Only with MSSQL based RDS
C.    Only for Oracle RDS instances
D.    No

Answer: D

When should I choose Provisioned IOPS over Standard RDS storage?

A.    If you have batch-oriented workloads
B.    If you use production online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads.
C.    If you have workloads that are not sensitive to consistent performance

Answer: B
Amazon RDS provisions that IOPS rate and storage for the lifetime of the DB instance or until you change it. Provisioned IOPS storage is optimized for I/O intensive, online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads that have consistent performance requirements. Provisioned IOPS helps performance tuning.

In the ‘Detailed’ monitoring data available for your Amazon EBS volumes, Provisioned IOPS volumes automatically send _____ minute metrics to Amazon CloudWatch.

A.    3
B.    1
C.    5
D.    2

Answer: B

What is the minimum charge for the data transferred between Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 Instances in the same Availability Zone?

A.    USD 0.10 per GB
B.    No charge. It is free.
C.    USD 0.02 per GB
D.    USD 0.01 per GB

Answer: B

Are Reserved Instances available for Multi-AZ Deployments?

A.    Only for Cluster Compute instances
B.    Yes for all instance types
C.    Only for M3 instance types
D.    No

Answer: B

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