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When the delivery document is created, the system can perform checks at item level to ensure compliance with the business requirements.
Which elements can be checked by the system? (Choose three)

A.    Overdelivery
B.    Zero quantity
C.    Delivery priority
D.    Shipping conditions
E.    Minimum quantity

Answer: ABE

What can be identified as the most likely reason for a delivery split in a collective delivery run?

A.    The shipping conditions of two separate items in the sales order differ from one another.
B.    The sales order line items have the same route and the same shipping point, but different ship-to parties.
C.    The physical weight of the total line items exceeds the capacity of the truck that is being used to deliver the product.
D.    The loading group of one of the items in the sales order differs from the others.

Answer: B

What can you determine for the picking process at delivery type level?

A.    Which warehouse numbers will be proposed
B.    Whether lean warehouse management is allowed
C.    Which rule is used to determine the picking location
D.    Whether items are relevant for picking

Answer: C

Your customer wants to use warehouse transfer orders for picking when processing a delivery using lean warehouse management.
How do you achieve this? (Choose two)

A.    Activate the sales document type for warehouse management.
B.    Activate the sales document type for lean warehouse management.
C.    Activate the storage location as relevant for picking.
D.    Activate the assigned warehouse number as a lean warehouse.
E.    Assign a warehouse number to a combination of plant and storage location in the organizational structure.

Answer: DE

You are asked to enter special shipping costs in delivery documents, which will then be charged to the customer on the invoice.
What must be done to fulfill this request? (Choose two)

A.    Maintain the Price Source field in copying control between the delivery and billing document at item level.
B.    A pricing procedure must be defined and assigned to the delivery type.
C.    Determine a suitable pricing procedure using the criteriA. sales area, delivery type, and customer pricing procedure.
D.    Ensure that sales prices and discounts are copied to the delivery.

Answer: AB

What settings are mandatory when implementing a packing process based on the delivery? (Choose two)

A.    Automatic packing must be activated for the relevant delivery item categories.
B.    For each delivery item category, you have to decide whether the item may be packed, cannot be packed, or must be packed.
C.    Material master records have to be created for the different packaging materials.
D.    Packing instructions that determine the packaging materials and the rounding rules must be created.

Answer: BC

Which statements regarding the post goods issue process are correct? (Choose three)

A.    The post goods issue process leads to a change in value of the corresponding stock accounts in accounting.
B.    The post goods issue process reduces the stock level.
C.    After the post goods issue process is initiated, the system can begin to pack the materials.
D.    The post goods issue process is executed with reference to the respective sales order.
E.    The post goods issue process reduces the corresponding requirements in materials planning.

Answer: ABE

What can be changed when you create an outbound delivery with reference to a sales order? (Choose three)

A.    Plant
B.    Planned goods issue date
C.    Weight
D.    Delivery quantity
E.    Ship-to party

Answer: BCD

Which of the following statements regarding delivery and transportation scheduling are correct? (Choose two)

A.    The transportation lead time, pick/pack time, loading time, and transit time are taken into account for delivery and transportation scheduling.
B.    The delivery and transportation dates determined in the order are visible at header level.
C.    On the calculated post goods issue date, the material requirements of the item are transferred to material requirement planning.
D.    When the requested delivery date cannot be confirmed by backward scheduling, the order can still be saved.

Answer: AD

Which statements regarding shipping are correct? (Choose two)

A.    The valid route is determined in the order header.
B.    Each delivery must have a unique ship-to party.
C.    The organizational unit plant is responsible for the planning, execution, and monitoring of the shipping activities.
D.    The shipping point is determined for each order item.
E.    The items in a delivery can be processed using various shipping points.

Answer: BD

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