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At what level in the vendor master record is it possible to define purchasing data that is different from that which is maintained at the purchasing organization level? (Choose two.)

A.    Plant
B.    Vendor subrange
C.    Partner schema
D.    Partner role

Answer: AB

For which organizational levels can you maintain the material status in material master records? (Choose two.)

A.    Client
B.    Company code
C.    Plant
D.    Purchasing organization

Answer: AC

What special features apply to purchase orders of services (item category D)? (Choose two.)

A.    Unknown account assignment is allowed.
B.    The price can be determined from the service conditions.
C.    All service lines must have the same account assignment.
D.    When the service entry sheet is created only services contained in the purchase order can be entered.

Answer: AB

You have set the rejection indicator in a quotation item. Can you still create a purchase order with reference to this quotation item?

A.    No, a quotation item for which the rejection indicator is set cannot be converted into a purchase order.
B.    Yes, but you have to enter the price in the purchase order manually since it is not copied from the
quotation in this case.
C.    Yes, you can create the purchase order regardless of the rejection indicator.
D.    No, you have to maintain a new quotation first.

Answer: C

You want to create a list of all purchase orders for which you have not yet received an invoice. What can you use to find these specific purchase orders when entering your criteria for the search query?

A.    Scope of list
B.    Selection parameter
C.    Layout
D.    Breakdown

Answer: B

What can you use to determine the origin of a purchase requisition?

A.    Requester
B.    Creation indicator
C.    MRP controller
D.    Processing status

Answer: B

You set up the document overview in the Enjoy SAP purchase order (transaction ME21N).
What setting allows you to sort documents by vendor first and then by document number within a vendor?

A.    Breakdown
B.    Layout
C.    Personal settings for the transaction
D.    Default values in Customizing

Answer: A

What can you derive from the purchase order structure in the invoice verification transaction MIRO (Enter Invoice)? (Choose two.)

A.    Whether blocked invoices exist for a purchase order item
B.    Whether the goods receipt for a purchase order item was posted as valuated or non-valuated
C.    The total of open items for a vendor in the current invoice
D.    Whether there were return deliveries for a purchase order item
E.    Whether there is a different invoicing party in the purchase order for this invoice

Answer: BD

A vendor offers you a material at the gross price of EUR 1,000.
In addition, the vendor gives you a 10% discount and a 5% cash discount. The vendor charges EUR 200 for freight costs. What is the effective price if you use the calculation schema below?

A.    EUR 1,045
B.    EUR 1,026
C.    EUR 1,055
D.    EUR 1,050

Answer: C

Where can you maintain the regular vendor?

A.    In the source list at plant level
B.    In the info record at client level
C.    In the quota arrangement
D.    In the info record at purchasing organization level

Answer: B

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