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Factory calendars are assigned to the maintenance plant and work center.
By default, which factory calendar is used for work order scheduling?

A.    Planning plant
B.    Main work center
C.    Maintenance plant
D.    Production work center linked to a technical object

Answer: B

Which scheduling parameter adjusts the cycle intervals of a maintenance strategy for each maintenance plan?

A.    The call horizon
B.    The early and late shift factors
C.    The early and late tolerance
D.    The cycle modification factor

Answer: D

Which of the following information can the shift report display? (Choose three)

A.    Planned and actual costs for shifts
B.    Digital signatures for approval of a shift report
C.    Maintenance plans and task lists
D.    Maintenance orders and notifications
E.    Measurement documents and goods movements

Answer: BDE

What does the scheduling period determine in the maintenance plan scheduling parameters?

A.    The duration for which the system generates maintenance orders immediately
B.    The duration for which the system generates planned or call dates during scheduling
C.    The duration for which the system generates maintenance notifications immediately
D.    The validity period of the maintenance plan

Answer: B

What does the cycle set sequence in a multiple-counter maintenance plan determine?

A.    The scheduling sequence of a maintenance item
B.    The operation sequence of a maintenance order
C.    The scheduling sequence for a group of maintenance plans
D.    The operation sequence of a task list

Answer: A

To which objects can you assign a user status profile? (Choose three)

A.    An order type
B.    A task list type
C.    A maintenance plan category
D.    An equipment category
E.    A notification type

Answer: ADE

In which lifecycle scenarios can you use SAP Solution Manager? (Choose three)

A.    Retirement
B.    Operations
C.    Implementation
D.    Optimization
E.    Scoping

Answer: BCD

What are the prerequisites for installing equipment at a functional location? (Choose two)

A.    A cost center is assigned to the equipment.
B.    A fixed asset is assigned to the equipment.
C.    The equipment category of the equipment allows the installation.
D.    The functional location master record allows the installation.

Answer: CD

Which of the following steps are required to create a measuring point for performance-based preventive maintenance? (Choose two)

A.    Specify the annual estimated usage for the measuring point.
B.    Activate the Measurement Reading Transfer indicator.
C.    Define a valuation code group.
D.    Create the measuring point as a counter.

Answer: AD

When a user creates a task list using the Copy function, all the header fields transfer to the new task list, with one exception.
Which field is the exception?

A.    Usage
B.    Work Center
C.    Assembly
D.    Status

Answer: D

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