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Which methods allow a customer to assign their plan costs more accurately to the different activity types per cost center?(Choose two)

A.    Activity-dependent manual cost planning
B.    Plan cost assessment cycle
C.    Usage of a splitting structure for the plan price calculation
D.    Pre-distribution of fixed cost

Answer: AC

A certain cost element has conflicting cost center assignments in the Default Account Assignment field (cost element master data) and in the Automatic Account Assignment table (IMG).
What happens when a document is posted with this cost element?

A.    The Automatic Account Assignment (IMG) has a higher priority.
B.    An error message is displayed.
C.    The system prompts you in a dialog box.
D.    The Default Account Assignment (cost element master data) has a higher priority.

Answer: A

A customer complains that in various Fl postings both fields, cost center and internal order, are mandatory.
Which setting causes these two fields to be mandatory?

A.    Both cost center and internal order have accidentally been maintained in the default account assignment (OKB9).
B.    The field “order” has accidentally been maintained in the master of the respective cost
elements (tab “default account assignment”).
C.    The field “actual posted cost center” has accidentally been maintained in the master of the respective internal order (tab “control data”).
D.    Both cost centers and internal orders have accidentally been set to “mandatory” in the “status variant” field (group “additional account assignment”).

Answer: D

By which distribution rules can you settle an internal order to different receivers?(Choose three)

A.    By equivalence numbers.
B.    By amounts.
C.    By formulas.
D.    By statistical key figures.
E.    By percentage rates.

Answer: ABE

Which of the following is defined in the PA transfer structure?

A.    Assignment of source cost elements to allocation cost elements.
B.    Assignment of distribution rules to certain cost elements.
C.    Assignment of master data to characteristics.
D.    Assignment of cost elements to value fields.

Answer: D

A customer wants to add overhead cost to a material cost estimate with quantity structure, without changing the BOM and routing.
Which options does the customer have?(Choose two)

A.    Overhead surcharges
B.    Easy cost planning
C.    Cost element planning
D.    Template allocation

Answer: AD

You are missing the commitment values for internal orders.
Where do you have to activate commitment management to get these values? (Choose two)

A.    In the original order budget
B.    In the controlling area
C.    In CO version 0
D.    In the order type

Answer: BD

Which of the following are valid assignments between company code and controlling area? (Choose two)

A.    One company code to one controlling area (1:1).
B.    One company code to multiple controlling areas (1:n).
C.    Multiple company codes to one controlling area (n:1).
D.    Multiple company codes to multiple controlling areas (n:n).

Answer: AC

Your customer wants to add certain values from a source document into the account document automatically.
You recommend them to use a function module.
Which of the following are attributes of function modules?(Choose two)

A.    Function modules are automatically imported via Support Packages.
B.    Function modules have to be released by SAP.
C.    Function modules are reusable subroutines.
D.    Function modules can be called out of ABAP programs.

Answer: CD

How does the decoupling scenario for production orders in combination with a product cost collector work?

A.    All costs are posted to the production order, which settles to the product cost collector.
B.    Costs are posted to the product cost collector and statistically to the production order.
C.    Costs are posted to the production order and statistically to the product cost collector.
D.    Costs are only posted to the product cost collector and not to the production order.

Answer: D

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