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Why are variables used in queries? (Choose three)

A.    To limit the scope of a report and improve performance.
B.    To improve the reliability of the results.
C.    To limit the scope of a report and make it more targeted to a user or group of users.
D.    To reduce the number of query definitions by having one query satisfy the needs of many users.

Answer: ACD

Which of the following are valid navigation steps in reporting in SAP NetWeaver BI? (Choose three)

A.    Swap one characteristic with another.
B.    Filter on a specific characteristic value.
C.    Return to Start.
D.    Sum and Filter.

Answer: ABC

Where can variables be created? (Choose two)

A.    In the query definition where they are needed.
B.    In the BEx Web Application Designer, in the “Data Provider” field.
C.    While using a web browser to view query results.
D.    When defining exceptions and conditions.

Answer: AD

Regarding currency translation, which of the following statements are true? (Choose two)

A.    Translating currency at query execution time helps improve query response time for the user.
B.    Translating currency during query execution provides for maximum flexibility in the choice of target currency.
C.    Translating currency at data load time is best since the user will never want to use different currency exchange rates.
D.    Translating currency as data is loaded using transformations can improve query performance by avoiding currency translation at query execution time.

Answer: BD

Which of the following are valid variable Processing Types? (Choose four)

A.    Manual Entry / Default Value
B.    Replacement Path
C.    Customer Exit
D.    Formula
E.    Authorization

Answer: ABCE

Which InfoProviders are available for queries that provide master data lists? (Choose two)

A.    InfoCubes
B.    InfoSets which contain InfoObjects
C.    All InfoObjects
D.    Characteristic InfoObjects with master data

Answer: BD

Which of the following statements are true regarding display and navigational attributes? (Choose two)

A.    You can subtotal a query result based on navigational attributes.
B.    You can subtotal a query result based on display attributes.
C.    You can sort the query result on both display and navigational attributes.
D.    Only display attributes can appear in the “columns” or “rows” section of the BEx Query Designer.

Answer: AC

For a query definition… (Choose two)

A.    …a DataStore Object can be selected as the InfoProvider
B.    …more than one InfoProvider can be selected at the same time.
C.    …the InfoProvider selection can be determined at query runtime.
D.    …a MultiProvider can be chosen as the InfoProvider.
E.    … only InfoProviders assigned to your role can be used.

Answer: AD

A Section in the Report Designer is assigned to a:

A.    Web Item
B.    InfoProvider
C.    Data Provider

Answer: C

Which of the following statements are true of the Report Designer? (Choose three)

A.    No HTML or CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) knowledge is required to create highly formatted reports.
B.    The results created from the Report Designer can be displayed as a web report, printed, or displayed
as a PDF.
C.    It is possible to use the results from the Report Designer in the BEx Broadcaster.
D.    The Reports Designer can be used to develop formatted workbooks in the BEx Analyzer.

Answer: ABC

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