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Case Study 1 – Fabrikam inc (Question 1 – Question 6)
Case Study – 2, Relecloud (Question 7 – Question 12)
Case Study – 3, Contoso Ltd (Question 13 – Question 18)

Hotspot Question
You need to instruct the Active Directory administrators how to prepare the Active Directory environment to support the planned Exchange Server 2016 deployment.
What command should you instruct administrators to run? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.


You need to recommend a solution that meets the security requirements for the tablets.
Which two objects should you include in the recommendation? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    a mobile device mailbox policy
B.    an Outlook Web App policy
C.    a data loss prevention (DLP) policy
D.    a device access rule

Answer: BD
Scenario: Users must be able to access Outlook on the web internally and externally from their tablet.
Users must be able to configure their tablet to synchronize email by using Autodiscover. Users must be able to access their mailbox by using Exchange ActiveSync on the company-approved tablets only

Drag and Drop Question
You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains 2,000 mailboxes.
You need to provide administrators with the ability to perform the following tasks:

– An administrator named Admin1 must be able to create custom message classifications.
– An administrator named Admin2 must be able to create retention tags.

Which management role group should you assign to each administrator? To answer, drag the appropriate role groups to the correct administrators. Each role group may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.


You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains five Mailbox servers. The servers are members of a database availability group (DAG).
All of the databases in the DAG are replicated to all of the members.
You plan to perform scheduled maintenance on a Mailbox server named MBX3 that will place the server offline for up to an hour.
You need to ensure that any active databases on MBX3 are activated on other DAG members before performing the maintenance.
Which cmdlet should you use?

A.    Set-MailboxDatabaseCopy
B.    Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup
C.    Resume-MailboxDatabaseCopy
D.    Set-MailboxServer

Answer: D

You have an exchange server 2016 organization. The organization contains a Mailbox server named EX01. EX01 contains a mailbox database named DB01.
The volume that contains DB01 fails.
You need to perform a dial-tone recovery of the database.
What should you create first?

A.    a new Recovery Storage Group
B.    a new mailbox database
C.    a mailbox move request
D.    a mailbox restore request
E.    a lagged database copy

Answer: B

You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains several servers.
Users in the marketing department often send Information Rights Management (IRM)- protected email messages. The IRM-protected messages are excluded from eDiscovery searches.
You need to configure the Exchange Server Organization to ensure that the contents of the mailboxes of the marketing department users are searched for all messages that contain the word ProjectX. The solution must prevent the email messages from being deleted permanently.
You user account is a member of the required role group.
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer present part of the solution.

A.    Run theNew-Mailboxcmdlet
B.    Run theNew-MailboxSearchcmdlet
C.    Run theSet-IRMConfigurationcmdlet
D.    RuntheSearch-Mailboxcmdlet
E.    Export the results from the discovery mailbox to a personal folders (PST) file, and then use MicrosoftOutlook to open the PST file.
F.    Use Outlook on the web to open the discovery mailbox.

Answer: BCE

Drag and Drop Question
Your company has an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
The organization contains three servers and 2,000 mailboxes.
The organization audits all access to user mailboxes.
The company’s security policy has the following requirements:

– Audit the name of each administrator who modifies the Exchange Server organization settings.
– Reduce the amount of audit log information generated by a service account named Service!.
– Create an audit entry when an administrator modifies the permissions of another administrative mailbox.

You need to identify which PowerShell cmdlets must be used to meet the requirements.
Which PowerShell cmdlet should you identify for each requirement? To answer, drag the appropriate cmdlets to the correct requirements. Each cmdlet may be used once, more than once or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.


Your company has an Exchange Server 2016 organization.
All users have a primary mailbox and archive mailboxes.
You create a new retention policy for the users. The policy includes the following types of tags:
A default retention policy tag (RPT) applied to the mailbox:
The tag is configured to move email messages older than three years to the archive. An RPT applied to the users’ Sent Items folder: The tag is configured to move email messages older than one year to the archive.
The corporate retention policy is applied to all of the mailboxes.
A user creates a personal tag named Tag1. The personal tag is configured to delete items permanently after 180 days.
The user sends an email message that uses Tag1.
You need to identify what will occur to the message. What should you identify?

A.    The message will be deleted in six months.
B.    The message will he moved to the archive in one year
C.    The message will be moved to the archive in one year and deleted six months later.
D.    The message will be moved to the archive in three years.

Answer: A
Personal tags allow your users to determine how long an item should be retained. For example, the mailbox can have a DPT to delete items in seven years, buta user can create an exception for items such as newsletters and automated notifications by applying a personal tag to delete them in three days.

Your company has a data center. The data center contains a server that has Exchange Server 2016 and the Mailbox server role installed. Outlook anywhere clients connect to the Mailbox server by using the name outlook.contoso.com.
The company plans to open a second data center and to provision a database availability group (DAG) that spans both data centers.
You need to ensure that Outlook Anywhere clients can connect if one of the data centers becomes unavailable.
What should you add to DNS?

A.    one A record
B.    two TXT records
C.    two SRV records
D.    one MX record

Answer: A

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