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How is the NGFW AVC subscription licensed?

A.    term
B.    seat
C.    application
D.    session

Answer: A

Which Cisco ASA NGFW license is needed to allow a high-school security administration to implement policy to allow student access to high-reputation sites only?

A.    AVC
B.    Botnet Traffic Filtering
C.    WSE
D.    IPS for NGFW
E.    AnyConnect Premium

Answer: C

To which two policy types can an administrator apply a web reputation profile to implement reputation-based processing? (Choose two.)

A.    access policies that permit traffic
B.    access policies that deny traffic
C.    decryption policies that decrypt potentially malicious traffic
D.    universal access policies
E.    NAT policies for ASAs that operate in multiple device mode
F.    packet capture policies that perform global capture of dropped packets

Answer: AC

Which three methods are the most effective for an NGFW administrator to determine the URL category of a website? (Choose three.)

A.    Select the site from the Web Destinations dashboard.
B.    Google it.
C.    Enter the URL into the NGFW search field.
D.    Select an event with the website as the destination in the event viewer.
E.    Submit the URL to https://securityhub.cisco.com.
F.    Open a TAC case at http://cisco.com/tac.
G.    Search for the site on the components objects screen.

Answer: ADE

Which option is the typical web reputation range for sites that tend to be well managed, responsible content syndication networks, and user-generated content sites?

A.    -10 to -6
B.    -6 to -3
C.    -3 to 3
D.    0 to 5
E.    5 to 10

Answer: C

You are an NGFW administrator at a local school and want to take appropriate steps to limit exposure to explicit content for students.
Which access policy action is the most effective with the least impact?

A.    Limit bandwidth to 200 Kb/s.
B.    Filter MIME image file types.
C.    Enable IPS for NGFW.
D.    Enforce Safe Search.
E.    Block sites with poor web reputation.

Answer: D

Which three elements can an administrator use to control access to network resources through context-aware access policies? (Choose three.)

A.    5-tuple characteristics
B.    time of day
C.    certificate fields
D.    HTTP client type
E.    application
F.    geo-location data
G.    VPN client

Answer: ADE

Which NGFW component collects user details so that access policies can match traffic based on this information?

A.    directory realms
B.    identity policies
C.    authentication settings
D.    CDA or Active Directory agent

Answer: B

Which option describes what client-based access control enables?

A.    access to specific applications or general types of applications
B.    access based on the user, regardless of their device or IP address
C.    access to otherwise high-reputation web sites while preventing advertisements or other material on the site hosted from external low-reputation sites
D.    access based on the HTTP user agent being used to initiate a traffic flow

Answer: D

Which two options are identity policy types? (Choose two.)

A.    known
B.    unknown
C.    active
D.    passive
E.    white-list
F.    black-list

Answer: CD

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