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Drag and Drop Question
You administer Windows 10 Enterprise tablets and virtual desktop computers that are joined to an Active Directory domain.
Your company provides virtual desktop computers to all users.
Employees in the sales department also use tablets, sometimes connected to the company network and sometimes disconnected from the company network.
You want sales department employees to have the same personal data, whether they are using their virtual desktop or their tablets.
You need to configure the network environment to meet the requirements.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the lust of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. More than one order to answer choices may be correct. You will receive credit for any of the correct orders you select.




You have a laptop that is a member of a workgroup.
The laptop does not have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip.
You plan to enable BitLocker Drive Encryption (BitLocker) for the operating system drive.
What are two methods that you can use to unlock the drive when the laptop restarts? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    a password
B.    a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled portable device
C.    a USB drive
D.    a user account
E.    Network Unlock

Answer: C

You administer Windows 10 Enterprise client computers that are members of an Active Directory domain that includes Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).
You restored a computer from a backup that was taken 45 days ago.
Users are no longer able to log on to that computer by using their domain accounts.
An error message states that the trust relationship between the computer and the primary domain has failed.
What should you do?

A.    Renew the certificates issued to the client computer.
B.    Reset the passwords of all affected domain users.
C.    Logon as a local administrator and issue the netdom resetpwd command.
Log off and restart the computer.
D.    Restore the client computer from a knows good backup that was taken two weeks earlier than the backup you previously restored.

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
You have a computer named Client1 that runs Windows 10 Enterprise.
Client1 is a member of an Active Directory domain.
A domain administrator provisions a certificate template for a virtual smart card logon. In the BIOS of Client1, you enable the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
You need to enable the virtual smartcard logon on Client1.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.





You have an unsecured wireless network for users to connect to from their personal Windows 10 devices.
You need to prevent Wi-Fi Sense from sharing information about the unsecured wireless network.
What should you do?

A.    Configure the SSIF of the unsecured wireless to contain_optout.
B.    Instruct the users to disable Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) on their wireless network adapters.
C.    Configure the SSID of the guest wireless to be hidden.
D.    Instruct the users to turn off Network Discovery on their devices.

Answer: A

You have a computer that runs Windows 10.
You need to block all outbound and inbound communications that occur over TCP 9997, TCP 9999, and TCP 4000.
What is the minimum number of rules that you must create?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    6

Answer: D

You have a laptop that has connections for three Wi-Fi network named WiFi1, WiFi2, and Wi-Fi 3. You need to ensure that the laptop connects to WiFi1 when multiple WiFi1 networks are available.
What should you do?

A.    From Netsh, configure the WLAN context.
B.    From NetworkConnections in Control Panel, modify the bindings for the WiFi.
C.    From the Windows Settings app, configure the Wi-Fi Sense settings.
D.    From Network Connections in Control Panel, modify the network provider order.

Answer: D

You administer Windows 10 Enterprise client computers in your company network.
A guest at your company is connected to the Internet as shown in the following exhibit. (Click the exhibit button.)


You need to ensure that the guest user is able to share network resources over Wi-Fi without lowering the overall security of the computer.
What should you do?

A.    ConfigureFile and printer sharing settings for Public networks.
B.    Change the network location type to Private.
C.    Change the network location type to Work.
D.    ConfigureFile sharing connections settings for All networks.

Answer: D

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