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When identifying Cisco TelePresence Endpoint traffic characteristics, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Latency, jitter, and loss are measured in a round-trip fashion.
B.    Latency, jitter, and loss are measured unidirectionally.
C.    Latency and loss are measured at a packet level, based on RTP header sequence numbers and time stamps.
D.    Latency and jitter are measured at a packet level, based on RTP header sequence numbers and time stamps.
E.    Jitter is measured at a video frame level, by measuring the arrival time of the video frame versus the expected arrival time.
F.    Jitter is measured at a packet level, by measuring the arrival time of the packet versus the expected arrival time.

Answer: BCE

You are troubleshooting video quality issues on a Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series system. Which CLI command shows the total number of lost video packets and the received jitter during a call in progress?

A.    show call statistics video
B.    show call statistics all
C.    show call statistics detail
D.    show call statistics video detail

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which timeframe does the Lost Packets % (Period) value refer to?

A.    total packets lost during the active call
B.    total packets lost within the last 10 seconds
C.    total packets lost within the last 10 minutes
D.    total packets lost within the last second

Answer: C

The CLI utils dbreplication reset all was run on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager. However, replication failed to restart. Which course of action should be taken to resolve this issue?

A.    Restart the replication from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager RTMT tool.
B.    Issue the CLI command utils dbreplication runtimestate
C.    Issue the CLI command utils dbreplication reset
D.    Issue the CLI command utils dbreplication clusterreset
E.    Issue the CLI command utils dbreplication clusterreset all

Answer: D

Which troubleshooting tool is the most effective to display detailed real-time output of call setup on phones that are registered to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster?

A.    Implement DNA to create trace files.
B.    Implement RTMT to create trace files.
C.    Integrate an MGCP gateway with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster to redirect trace files
to the MGCP gateway.
D.    Create trace files from Cisco Unified Reporting.

Answer: B

Which troubleshooting tool is the most effective in parsing the large traces of call setup on many Cisco IP Phones that are registered in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster to just two Cisco IP Phones?

A.    DNA
B.    RTMT
C.    sniffer filters
D.    the Triple combo tool

Answer: D

You have developed a dial plan for a Cisco Unifed CallManager 5.0 solution. All the route patterns, partitions, calling search spaces, and translation rules have been configured. Before starting up the system you wish to test the dial plan for errors.
Which Cisco Unifed CallManager tool will simplify this testing?

A.    Dial Plan Installer
B.    RTMT Traces and Alarms
C.    Route Plan Report
D.    Dialed Number Analyzer

Answer: D

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager troubleshooting tool can be used to look at detailed specific events, such as dial plan digit analysis, as they die happening?

A.    traceroutes
B.    RTMT real-time trace
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager alerts
D.    Cisco Unified Dialed Number Analyzer
E.    RTMT performance log viewer
F.    syslog output

Answer: B

Which web-based application that is accessed via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration GUI generates reports for troubleshooting or inspecting cluster data?

A.    Cisco Unified Serviceability alarms
B.    Cisco Unified RTMT Trace and Log Central
C.    Cisco Unified RTMT Monitor
D.    Cisco Unified Reporting tool

Answer: D

Which statement about device mobility is true?

A.    When local route groups are used, there is no need to configure device mobility groups orphone device
CSSs as long as phone line CSSs are used.
B.    When local route groups are used, you must configure device mobility groups and phone device CSSs.
C.    When the device mobility group at the home device pool and roaming device pool are not the same, the
Phone will keep the home region.
D.    When device mobility groups at the home device pool and roaming device pool are the same, the phone
will keep the home MRGL setting.

Answer: A

If you need to avoid choppy speech, what is the maximum tolerable round-trip delay between two VoIP endpoints?

A.    100 ms
B.    200 ms
C.    300 ms
D.    400 ms
E.    500 ms
F.    800 ms

Answer: C

Where does an IP phone obtain the extension number and speed-dial settings from?

A.    the settings that are configured on the physical phone
B.    the registration file that the phone receives from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C.    the device and line configuration in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, during the registration process
D.    the default device profile that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications, Manager

Answer: C

You are a network technician with many years’ experience.
Many users complain that they can hear echo when their calls go out an H.323 gateway.
You have made some testing for the gateway and have changed the configuration.
So the ERL level turns to be 6 dB. Furthermore, the echo-cancel coverage value is raised to 64 ms.
Please choose the effect on the voice quality after this modification.

A.    Consonants will be chopped by the echo canceller.
B.    The increase in echo-cancel coverage will have no effect on voice quality.
C.    The ends of sentences will be chopped by the echo canceller.
D.    The echo canceller will take 2-3 seconds longer to converge at the beginning of the call.

Answer: D

You have placed all DNs in the Phones partition. During testing you discover that you cannot place calls between IP phones, but you can place calls to the PSTN and voice mail.
What is one possible cause of this issue?

A.    A database replication issue is preventing calls between phones.
B.    An access list is blocking RTP streams in your voice VLAN.
C.    An access list is blocking SCCP packets in your voice VLAN.
D.    The IP phones have not been assigned a CSS.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. According to the output of the debug voip ccapi inout command, why was this call dropped?

A.    Normal call clearing
B.    User busy
C.    Call rejected
D.    Invalid number
E.    No circuit
F.    No resource

Answer: A

You need to increase the maximum number of Meet-Me conference participants on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Where do you configure this increase?

A.    System > Service Parameters > [Publisher Server] > Cisco CallManager (Active) > Clusterwide Parameters (Feature ?Conference)
B.    Call Routing > Meet-Me Number/Pattern
C.    Media Resources > Conference Bridge
D.    Media Resources > Media Resource Group
E.    Device > Conference Bridge

Answer: A

You are receiving complaints of pixilation, smearing, and pulsing of video calls between two offices that are connected by a WAN. Assuming that QoS is implemented on the WAN connection, which classification should you use to mark the video traffic, according to the Cisco QoS baseline?

A.    CS6
B.    CS2
C.    AF41
D.    AF31
E.    EF
F.    CS3

Answer: C

Which Cisco TelePresence Management Suite feature provides proactive suggestions for resolving error conditions and also provides a centralized view of all statuses and configuration errors for managed devices?

A.    Cisco WebEx in CiscoTelePresence Management Suite
B.    CiscoTelePresence scheduling
C.    graphical monitoring
D.    ticketing service
E.    audit logging

Answer: D

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is deployed in a head office and also provides telephony services to remote regional offices. What is a possible cause of call setup issues with phones in the regional offices?

A.    remote office firmware for phones
B.    codec mismatch in region information settings
C.    end user roles and groups
D.    physical location configuration

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco Unified Communication Manager has been configured with a SAF Security Profile and a SAF Forwarder. In which section of the R1 router configuration should the SAF Forwarder password be entered?

A.    interface loopback 0
B.    router eigrp saf
C.    service-family external client
D.    service-family ipv4

Answer: C

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