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Which three of these benefits gain by implementing a Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System solution? (Choose three.)

A.    increased throughput
B.    increased storage capacity
C.    improved high availability
D.    better cable management
E.    increased IT staff productivity in just-in-time support and provisioning

Answer: ACE

Which solution would you most likely use to achieve simultaneous traffic switching in a high- availability configuration in a Cisco UCS with blades?

A.    multiple UCS chassis
B.    two Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects
C.    redundant UCS blades
D.    additional CPUs to provide additional virtual machines

Answer: B

When you migrate a mission-critical application, which method requires the least amount of downtime and data loss?

A.    overnight migration; cold conversion
B.    overnight migration; hot conversion
C.    gradual migration; cold conversion
D.    gradual migration; hot conversion

Answer: A

Which two data center technologies would provide Layer 2 resiliency, maximize bandwidth, and ensure lossless packet delivery over a congestion-aware network? (Choose two.)

A.    DCBX
B.    vPC
C.    STP PortFast
D.    FabricPath
E.    FIP

Answer: AB

Virtual device contexts enable which three of these activities? (Choose three.)

A.    secure delineation of administrative configurations
B.    separation and distribution of hardware resources
C.    ability to test configurations without impacting production systems
D.    ability to run different operating systems on the same physical hardware
E.    extension of link aggregation to two separate physical switches

Answer: ABC

Which three design criteria should be evaluated in a successful Cisco virtualized data center solution? (Choose three.)

A.    increased resource utilization
B.    application reliability
C.    portability and mobility
D.    architecture

Answer: ABC

Which one of these best describes a Cisco storage solution attribute?

A.    multiprotocol storage networking
B.    Cisco Unified Network Services
C.    virtualization
D.    three-dimensional scalability

Answer: A

Which STP protocol is the default that is enabled on Cisco Nexus switches?

A.    STP (802.1d)
B.    MST (802.1s)
C.    RSTP (802.1w)
D.    Rapid PVST+

Answer: D

Which two requirements must be satisfied to implement STP Bridge Assurance on Cisco Nexus switches? (Choose two.)

A.    CST or RSTP
B.    STP or RSTP
C.    MST or Rapid PVST+
D.    a port type of network
E.    a port type of edge
F.    a port type of normal

Answer: CD

You have a vPC domain that contains a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series pair. You plan to implement HSRP. Which feature must you enable to ensure that forwarding paths are load balanced between two active gateways?

A.    auto-recovery
B.    role-priority
C.    peer-switch
D.    peer-gateway

Answer: D

You have a vPC domain that contains a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series pair. Which feature must you enable to make the Cisco Nexus pair operates as a single STP root?

A.    auto-recovery
B.    priority
C.    peer-switch
D.    peer-gateway

Answer: C

You plan to implement a new data center solution that will use an IGP. Which routing protocol must you use in a large full-mesh network that requires fast convergence and scalability?

A.    LDP
B.    BGP
C.    RIP
E.    IS-IS

Answer: E

Which two options are benefits of implementing Cisco FabricPath? (Choose two.)

A.    All links between FabricPath switches are active.
B.    The MAC addresses of servers are learned by all FabricPath switches.
C.    Layer 2 protocols are used for loop avoidance.
D.    MAC learning is conversation-based.
E.    Segmentation is provided at Layer 3.

Answer: AD

Which two statements about the ports on a Cisco UCS 6248UP Fabric Interconnect are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Ethernet ports are defined in blocks of ports.
B.    Fibre Channel ports are defined as single ports.
C.    The Ethernet ports start at any unified port and end at an even port.
D.    The first Fibre Channel port must start after the last Ethernet port.
E.    The last Fibre Channel port must come before the first Ethernet port.

Answer: AD

Which two technologies provide the greatest reduction in energy consumption for a data center? (Choose two.)

A.    server virtualization
B.    a converged network infrastructure
C.    network virtualization
D.    routing table virtualization
E.    orchestration and automation

Answer: AB

You are comparing the use of a Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch and a VMware distributed virtual switch. Which two features are provided only by the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch? (Choose two.)

A.    NetFlow capabilities
B.    support for PVLANs
C.    DSCP marking for QoS
D.    802.1Q VLAN tagging
E.    vPC host mode pinning

Answer: CE

Which statement accurately describes a disjoint Layer 2 network topology in Cisco UCS infrastructure?

A.    A vNIC can communicate with only one Layer 2 domain.
B.    A VLAN can overlap across Layer 2 domains.
C.    A Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect must be configured in switching mode.
D.    Servers can use any virtual interface card.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. You have a virtual machine configured on each Cisco UCS B200 Series blade server installed on different Cisco UCS 5108 chassis. The virtual machines are on the same VLAN. The fabric interconnect is in end-host mode.
Which statement describes how communication occurs between the virtual machines?

A.    Traffic is switched within the virtual switch and forwarded to the proper vNIC.
B.    Traffic is switched by the hypervisor and forwarded to the proper vNIC.
C.    Traffic is switched by the fabric interconnect and forwarded to the virtual machine.
D.    Traffic is forwarded to the uplink switch where the fabric interconnect is connected.

Answer: C

Which three actions can be performed in a data center access layer based on a unified fabric? (Choose three.)

A.    QoS traffic classification
B.    QoS traffic queuing
C.    routing summarization
D.    IGMP snooping
E.    routing redistribution
F.    traffic compression

Answer: ABD

You plan to use Cisco FEX and Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches. Which deployment model is valid?

A.    straight-through connections that use static pinning
B.    active/active fabric extenders that use vPC
C.    straight-through connections that use dynamic pinning
D.    active/active fabric extenders that use straight-through connections

Answer: C

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