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What is the command to renumber the nodes of the cluster?

A.    lnnset
B.    ipset
C.    deliprange / iprange
D.    interface

Answer: A

What is the recommended InfiniBand cabling for a dual switch configuration?

A.    Connect the int-a port to the first switch and the int-b port to the second switch.
B.    Connect node 1 int-a into InfiniBand switch port 1, and node 2 int-a into Infiniband switch port 2.
C.    Connect the ext-1 port to the first switch and the int-b port to the second switch.
D.    Connect the ext-1 port to the first switch and the ext-1 port to the second switch.

Answer: A

You have just added a node to a cluster.
What is the minimum time recommended to wait before adding thenext node?

A.    5 minutes
B.    3 minutes
C.    10 minutes
D.    20 minutes

Answer: A

You have just completed the installation of a cluster.
What is a recommended step to check networkconnectivity?

A.    Ping each individual node.
B.    Verify all nodes display in the web administration interface.
C.    Connect to an SMB share and check for file access.
D.    Connect to an NFS export and check for file access.

Answer: A

What are the default settings for SupportIQ and remote access?

A.    SupportIQ is enabled; Remote access is disabled
B.    SupportIQ is disabled; Remote access is disabled
C.    SupportIQ is enabled; Remote access is enabled
D.    SupportIQ is disabled; Remote access is enabled

Answer: A

A potential customer is considering replacing a four year old, Linux-based NFS server with 40TB of usablecapacity.
The existing system supports home directories, an internal website, and a content repository for the customer’s content management system.
The customer is concerned about performance of any new solutionbecause they expect to double workload in the content management system.

A.    syslog and vmstat
B.    Perfmon and sysstat
C.    isi statistics and Wireshark
D.    iostat and nfsstat

Answer: D

Your customer is moving from a Restaurant/Bar business model to a Restaurant/Casino business model.
You are helping architect the upgrade of a current 4-node X200 48 TB Isilon cluster, with 65% utilized for theirvideo surveillance operations.
They wish to achieve the following:
Upgrade from 1280 x 720 resolution, with a 15 days retention policy, to 2048 x 1536 resolution with a 30 daysretention policy.
What is the minimum number of nodes of the same type will you need to add in order to meet the requiredchanges and not exceed 70% raw capacity?

A.    6 nodes
B.    10 nodes
C.    14 nodes
D.    18 nodes

Answer: B

Your customer is looking for a storage solution that will be able to store seven million three MB files which arewritten and seldom accessed.
Read and write operations are both completed by a web based application,which requires 1.3 Gbps throughput.
The customer’s network has not been upgraded in many years, so thenetwork interfaces are 1Gbps.
Which cluster configuration would best meet the customer’s requirements?

A.    3 NL400 nodes
B.    3 X400 nodes
C.    4 X200 nodes
D.    5 S200 nodes

Answer: C

Your customer has a new business unit.
They are gathering web log files to be analyzed.
Areusing Hadoop to do the analysis of the logs.
The IT department is centrally storing the log files on a fivenode Isilon cluster.
They have enabled the Hadoop cluster to access the files directly.
The nodes are X400’swith two SSD drives in each node and 96GB of RAM.
How many DataNodes does the Isilon Cluster have?

A.    1
B.    5
C.    10
D.    15

Answer: B

You have scheduled a meeting with a prospective customer in the Life Sciences vertical market.
Which Isilon features should be presented to them?

A.    SyncIQ, Antivirus, 10 GigE support and HDFS
B.    SmartPools, HDFS, 10 GigE support and SmartQuotas
C.    SmartLock, HDFS, SmartPools and SmartQuotas
D.    SyncIQ, SmartLock, HDFS and SmartConnect

Answer: B

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