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What is the primary service that is provided when you implement Cisco Easy Virtual Network?

A.    It requires and enhances the use of VRF-Lite.
B.    It reduces the need for common services separation.
C.    It allows for traffic separation and improved network efficiency.
D.    It introduces multi-VRF and label-prone network segmentation.

Answer: C

Refer to the following configuration command.

router (config-line)# ntp master 10

Which statement about this command is true?

A.    The router acts as an authoritative NTP clock and allows only 10 NTP client connections.
B.    The router acts as an authoritative NTP clock at stratum 10.
C.    The router acts as an authoritative NTP clock with a priority number of 10.
D.    The router acts as an authoritative NTP clock for 10 minutes only.

Answer: B

Which Cisco VPN technology can use multipoint tunnel, resulting in a single GRE tunnel interface on the hub, to support multiple connections from multiple spoke devices?

C.    Cisco Easy VPN
D.    FlexVPN

Answer: A

A router receives a routing advertisement for the same prefix and subnet from four different routing protocols. Which advertisement is installed in the routing table?

A.    RIP
B.    OSPF
C.    iBGP

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    Traffic from the network will be blocked by the ACL.
B.    The network will not be advertised by Router B because the network statement for the network is missing from RouterB.
C.    The network will not be in the routing table on RouterB.
D.    Users on the network can successfully ping users on the network, but users on the cannot successfully ping users on the network.
E.    Router B will not advertise the network because it is blocked by the ACL.

Answer: E

Which technology was originally developed for routers to handle fragmentation in the path between end points?

B.    MSS
C.    windowing
D.    TCP
E.    global synchronization

Answer: A

A network engineer is investigating the cause of a service disruption on a network segment and executes the debug condition interface fastethernet f0/0 command.
In which situation is the debugging output generated?

A.    when packets on the interface are received and the interface is operational
B.    when packets on the interface are received and logging buffered is enabled
C.    when packets on the interface are received and forwarded to a configured syslog server
D.    when packets on the interface are received and the interface is shut down

Answer: A

Which two commands would be used to troubleshoot high memory usage for a process? (Choose two.)

A.    router#show memory allocating-process table
B.    router#show memory summary
C.    router#show memory dead
D.    router#show memory events
E.    router#show memory processor statistics

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. The DHCP client is unable to receive a DHCP address from the DHCP server. Consider the following output:

hostname RouterB
interface fastethernet 0/0
ip address
interface serial 0/0
ip address
ip route

Which configuration is required on the Router B fastethernet 0/0 port in order to allow the DHCP client to successfully receive an IP address from the DHCP server?

A.    RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address
B.    RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address
C.    RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address
D.    RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address

Answer: A

If the total bandwidth is 64 kbps and the RTT is 3 seconds, what is the bandwidth delay product?

A.    8,000 bytes
B.    16,000 bytes
C.    24,000 bytes
D.    32,000 bytes
E.    62,000 bytes

Answer: C

What are the default timers for RIPng?

A.    Update: 30 seconds Expire: 180 seconds Flush: 240 seconds
B.    Update: 20 seconds Expire: 120 seconds Flush: 160 seconds
C.    Update: 10 seconds Expire: 60 seconds Flush: 80 seconds
D.    Update: 5 seconds Expire: 30 seconds Flush: 40 seconds

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the route-target command?

A.    It extends the IP address to identify which VRF instance it belongs to.
B.    It enables multicast distribution for VRF-Lite setups to enhance IGP routing protocol capabilities.
C.    It manages the import and export of routes between two or more VRF instances.
D.    It enables multicast distribution for VRF-Lite setups to enhance EGP routing protocol capabilities.

Answer: C

A network engineer has configured a tracking object to monitor the reachability of IP SLA 1. In order to update the next hop for the interesting traffic, which feature must be used in conjunction with the newly created tracking object to manipulate the traffic flow as required?

A.    SNMP
B.    PBR
C.    IP SLA
D.    SAA
E.    ACLs
F.    IGP

Answer: B

A route map uses an ACL, if the required matching is based on which criteria?

A.    addressing information
B.    route types
C.    AS paths
D.    metrics

Answer: A

Various employees in the same department report to the network engineer about slowness in the network connectivity to the Internet. They are also having latency issues communicating to the network drives of various departments. Upon monitoring, the engineer finds traffic flood in the network. Which option is the problem?

A.    network outage
B.    network switching loop
C.    router configuration issue
D.    wrong proxy configured

Answer: B

Which type of handshake does CHAP authentication use to establish a PPP link?

A.    one-way
B.    two-way
C.    three-way
D.    four-way

Answer: C

Which two authentication protocols does PPP support? (Choose two.)

A.    WAP
B.    PAP
C.    CHAP
D.    EAP

Answer: BC

Which statement is a restriction for PPPoE configuration?

A.    Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer interface.
B.    Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer pool.
C.    A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the client.
D.    A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the access concentrator.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the configuration is true?

A.    This configuration is incorrect because the MTU must match the ppp-max-payload that is defined.
B.    This configuration is incorrect because the dialer interface number must be the same as the dialer pool number.
C.    This configuration is missing an IP address on the dialer interface.
D.    This configuration represents a complete PPPoE client configuration on an Ethernet connection.

Answer: D

A company has their headquarters located in a large city with a T3 frame relay link that connects 30 remote locations that each have T1 frame relay connections. Which technology must be configured to prevent remote sites from getting overwhelmed with traffic and prevent packet drops from the headquarters?

A.    traffic shaping
B.    IPsec VPN
D.    MPLS

Answer: A

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